See below to get an idea of the projected development timeline with key milestones. We'll keep the timeline up-to-date so check back to stay informed of the latest developments! Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a site visit.


  • Homebuilding Begins!

    Will you be ready to break ground on your custom home in TCI Lane Ranch in April 2017?


  • Infastructure Construction

    Construction of TCI Lane Ranch infastructure begins.

  • Second Phase Lot Release

    Second phase of additional 25 lots to be released!


  • Garfield County Final Plat

    Final plat and approval by Garfield County.

  • First Phase Lot Reservations

    Reservations for the first phase lot release will begin in June 2015!


  • Future Release Planning

    Developed plan for first release of lots in summer of 2015.


  • Site Plan Development

    As the local real estate market began its gradual recovery, site plans for TCI Lane Ranch were revisited and refined to adjust to the new market reality while staying true to the community's core values and objectives.


  • Greenhouse Construction

    Construction of the Roaring Gardens greenhouse and gardens at TCI Lane Ranch was completed. The greenhouse and gardens are currently operational and have been providing healthy, organic produce for lucky local customers for several years!

  • Project Conception

    The concept for the TCI Lane Ranch development originated in 2010. National and local real estate market forces resulted in the project being postponed for several years.